April 21, 2004

And They're Off...


OK, folks, we've got two goals here. The first is to generate funding for the Iraq reconstruction projects supported by Spirit of America. The second is to demonstrate that the ful-loving, forward thinking Fusileers, listed below, can generate more funding than the other stodgy alliances. So dig deep, and click on the recruiting poster to do your donating.

The Imperial Armorer
She Who Will Be Obeyed
The Imperial Animatrix
Right Wingin-it!
Loyal Reader Calliope!
Un-named Left-of-Center Blogger Not Appearing in this blogroll*
A Soldiers Blog
Practical Penumbra
Road Warrior Rules for Survival
Brain Shavings
The Bejus Pundit!
Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love!
The Anti-Idotarian Rottweiler
Democrats Give Conservatives Indigestion
The Politburo Diktat
The Mudville Gazette
The Common Virtue
The Ghost of a Flea
Grim's Hall
Feste, A Foolsblog!
LC Glen, Imperial Longbowman
Dawn L, the Non-Commenting Commenter!
Loyal Reader "Brass"
Loyal Reader "Bill" (Constructive credit for already donating)
Marine Corps Moms!
Colorado Psycho
Wasted Electrons
Citizen Smash!
A Special Kind of Stupid
Aaron's Rantblog
Da Goddess
Uruloki's Lair
The Cool Blue Blog
Straight White Guy
Knowledge is Power
Ben's World
The Laughing Wolf
Merde in France

*At own request. Doesn't need any trolls, thank you.

Posted by triticale at April 21, 2004 12:00 AM

Thanks, dude! We're winning! And, of course, so is SoA!

Posted by: Fusileer 6 at April 22, 2004 04:39 AM

We're having a little contest over here -- if you're feelin' a little smart-alecky, drop on by and play!

And if you're feeling about as inspired as a tomato salad -- we'll need judges, too!

Posted by: Claire at April 22, 2004 01:08 PM
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