March 16, 2004

Public Notice

To all companies who advertise via Shopnav's so-called search assistant:
Effective today, any time my browsing is hijacked by this abomination, I will save the page, and extract all advertisers URLs. I will check them out without providing the referral back to shopnav or I will find out what you are selling, and arrange my life so as to do without it. I will spend more elsewhere, I will suffer, I will starve, but I will not do business with you. I will not buy your products second hand, I will not accept them as gifts, I will not drag them home if I find them by the side of the road.

Do not bother contacting me to announce you have disassociated yourself from them or that your child needs medicine. You knew what they were when you contracted to impose yourself upon me and there can be no redemption.

Posted by triticale at March 16, 2004 09:37 PM
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