June 30, 2004

In The Meantime...

I'm having a weird problem here, with posts disappearing off the main page. Archives still work (at this moment the last few posts are in draft mode; that didn't fix anything) and I would be delighted if people poke around a bit.

Lots of good stuff out there I might yet comment on. For starters, Teresa is the first person I've noticed who actually looked at the Supreme Court ruling on the Child Online Protection Act. Most people seem to be taking it as a ruling on child pornography, but she explains how it is a ruling on online protection and why it is a good one.

At the time the legislation was first proposed, I worked with a fellow who figured that his sons would benefit more from learning how to find porn online than from following his example and shoplifting Playboys.

Posted by triticale at June 30, 2004 10:11 PM

LOL - I was wondering if you had just been too busy to post! I did manage to wander by and saw the dearth of writing. Hope you can get it fixed soon!

On the SC decision Eugene Volokh had the lawyerly view in today's WSJ. His is interesting because it's from the law perspective. My view is from the technology perspective. We come to the same conclusion but for vastly different reasons.

Posted by: Teresa at July 1, 2004 12:30 AM
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