July 04, 2004


Lots of sanends, some of them odder than others, have piled up in the last few days

A couple of people have pointed out an error in my German spelling here. In my defense I will argue that what I typed would be a perfectly suitable euphemism in English.

There is no connection between that issue and this link to one of my less-known regular reads and readers.

Nor for this item from my collection.

I'm always wanting to link Steve den Beste's articles; with his engineering mindset he looks at almost everything with the same method I do. Here is someone else who has brought system analysis to another issue, one many of us need to deal with.

There were three Amber Alerts issued last week. All three have been canceled; the two youngsters have been recovered and it has been determined that the 16 year old girl ran off willingly with her boyfriend; not an Amber issue. The detail which caught my eye was that all three men were driving pickup trucks, and both non-custodial fathers had extended cab trucks with tool boxes in the bed. I detect a pattern.

Before he hit the road again, Emrack used my system to do some preparatory research. Here's a product which elegantly solves a problem I'd never had reason to worry about, but which afflicts people in some dark corners of the globe.

If these guys could afford to buy more film for their digital camera, there'd be even more of these pictures to groan about. Maybe I should just walk thru my neighborhood and snap some for them.

Posted by triticale at July 4, 2004 10:27 PM
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