July 14, 2004

Making A Statement

I believe that RINOs can have their place; that electability can be a factor in choosing a candidate. State Senate Majority Leader, representing a known conservative district, is not such a place.

Here in Wisconsin, Mary Panzer has a long record of siding with the spending interests, and recently delayed discussion of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights for two years. Conservative Assemblyman Glenn Grothman has announced his candidacy for her seat, and the primary race is going to be interesting. Those who benefit from business as usual in Wisconsin government, including the teachers' unions and the gambling monopolies, will be pouring money into Panzer's war chest. Grothman is confident that as long as he can afford to get his message out he can win. Due to redistricting, he has already been elected to the State House by voters in 55% of the Senate district. If the blogosphere can generate a pittance of national support, it just might make a difference, and send a real message to the country club wing of the Republican Party. Owen lives in this district, and will be providing ongoing coverage, but he's at a rally with President Bush right now, and I didn't think this should wait.

By the way, another race where national support from conservative activist Republicans would not be amiss is Herman Cain for U.S. Senate in Georgia.


The Herman Cain campaign also has a blog. This was how I first learned of him. This was the link I intended to use above, but I was posting from work, multitasking with legitimate computer use.

Mark Belling reports that his sources tell him that Mary Panzer's response to the Grothman challenge has been to call lobbyists looking for campaign contributions. His callers reported that she got a lackluster reception when introduced by President Bush at this morning's rall. Some of them even reported a smattering of boos.


As I expected, Owen has a detailed report on the candidates posted. I'm inclined to concur with his projection, and I like it.

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