January 07, 2004

C.H.E.A.P. Generr1c Sp@mm

Ipse keeps on Dixing it. This time he beat me with a comment on the way spam is mutating to get past the filters. He got one titled "nuisance circumpolar aniline euclid inclusive" and was curious enough to look up aniline, which I already knew was a coal tar die. I had gotten one entitled "sahara earthenware cosec genotype inclement" which produced no google hits, even with "cosec" (short for cosecant, a trigonometric function) left out, and another titled "brouhaha diatomaceous cowboy agriculture" which produced 167 google hits, of which 164 also contained "cowbell". These random words, along with the earlier practice of deliberate misspelling, may get the messages past the spam filters, but the old Mark 1 Eyeball identifies them immediately.

One recent submission had a title so bizarre I actually opened and read it. "Re: the red puddle" from Lenora Hastings, turns out to be an advertisement for The Banned CD, full all sorts of useful information - where to get fake diplomas, how to dig up dirt on your boss, all the stuff that sounds like freedom but will end up getting you in trouble. Another interesting feature of this one was the random HTML tags scattered randomly in the letter, often in the middle of words. All closing tags: [/actinium], [/o'connell] and [/lao], none of which work without having the corresponding opening tag earlier in the page.

A lot of spam are coming in backdated. That way I don't see them till I scroll thru my inbox to sort stuff. I guess they figure if I don't delete it right away, they win. The really smart probably filter for bad dates, the really lazy probably never even see this stuff, and the rest of us are sure to delete it when we find it. Another clever trick is the note from the long lost friend. Rest assured that if I had lost touch with Boxing E. Hilt, I would have tracked him down instead of waiting for him to offer me a drug I am pleased to report I don't need quite yet.

I also get a lot of spam from Korea, aimed apparently at other Koreans. I know Bool Googi, Kim Chi, and barley tea, but not `(±¤-°í)`ÃÖ½ÅCDÇÁ·Î±×·¥.µ¿¿µ»óDVD or (¼ºÀα¤°í)2004³â ½Å³âÀ» ³ë¸° ¾ß½ÉÀÛÀÔ´Ï´Ù..@#$%. And even if I did, I wouldn't buy my (±¤°í)½ÅºñÀÇ Àå³ú»ï ¹«·áüÇè À̺¥Æ® from a spammer.

Posted by triticale at January 7, 2004 07:59 PM
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