August 28, 2004

Making It Easy

We spent the first few decades of our life in Chicago, a town widely reputed to be the capital of Democrat vote fraud. It is widely acknowledged that a drive by the father of Al Gore's 2000 campaign manager to decide the governor of Illinois contributed to John F Kennedy's presidential victory. The only time I witnesses any overt fraud myself was an aldermanic election way back in '62, when our precinct showed fewer votes for the challenger than were cast from our house alone. My wee wifey never witnessed any, even with serving for twenty years as an election judge. When we moved to Milwaukee we were surprised at the laxity of voter identification and angered by the difficulty of removing past residents from the voting roll for our building.

After the aldermanic primary, we received "Thank you for voting" postcards from the incumbent. Three of them. One was for someone we had never heard of. We made a couple of phone calls and then let things slide. Had we foreseen what would happen in November of that year, we would have kept better track of that postcard. Gore carried Wisconsin, but by barely enough votes as to avoid a recount. Some of these votes were purchased by a woman from the Democratic National Committee She was of course acting on her own, and just trying to encourage voter turnout. There were also reports of college students bragging of voting multiple times, but they disappeared when criminal charges were mentioned. Since the state Attorney General and the local State's Attorney were Democrats, no action was taken in resonse to these irregularities. As a matter of fact, there was at least one interesting incident when that same Attorney General ran for governor.

Since this time Wisconsin has been showing signs of becoming more Republican. It has been suggested that this will simply mean more votes will be stolen. That is why I want the entire nation to know that when my wee wifey went to update the address on her State I.D. they geve her back the old one. That is correct. She has valid identification for two different addresses. Were these addresses not both served by the same polling place, it would now be that much easier for her to cast two ballots. I'm going to see if I can get the two foster nephews still under our roof off their duffs to make the same update. If the first one also gets the old I.D. back, then I would, in the interest of science, send the second one in a pro Bush t-shirt and see if that makes a difference.

Note: this expands upon a preliminary post I put up yesterday. I did that because I promised this whole thing in a comment elseware. The first paragraph has been added to, and all the remaining material has been added. I'm not sure if I've expressed myself any better than in the original version lost when I closed the wrong browser tab.

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