October 03, 2004

Oot And A Shoe

The cellular company I am teching for has a policy that any work which requires premeditated shutdown of a site or portion of the network must be done after 2:00 AM. That way the only people we inconvenience are the inner city residents making calls at 2:45 who are the core of our customer base. There is no capital right now to finish the sites where we are already paying rent in critical coverage holes, but the existing sites are getting a software upgrade and the entire central control system is being replaced. Nightwork is of course scheduled for the nights when I am also awake at 10:30 PM so as to drive the wee wifey to work. I have thusly had nothing interesting to blog about nor the energy and acuity to formulate posts worthy of perpetuity. Letting others formulate the discussion and merely commenting has been more my blogging speed. As evidence, note that the recent recipes were keyed in two Carnivals back and I then didn't get it together to write the framing material and see who gets the link until this one. Worth the effort tho; if you want to lure a bunch of new readers I've seen nothing come close.

Other bloggers have, surprisingly enough, been off in other directions.

Juliette has an advantage over me. She finds stuff to blog about even while asleep.

Edna has a very different reason for not having blogged of late. She thinks that she has lost The Funny, but what remains in its place is sufficient.

Anna is out on a road trip, finding plenty to blog about . Had that last detail been discovered and publicized forty years ago, it would have changed the course of popular culture in this country. The previous posts are worth reading too, if you dare.

Ed proves over and over that if you work at it there is always something relevant to link to.

At one of my favorite little-known blogs, David Farrer introduces a new word to describe the unescapable downside of redistribution. Kim du Toit will like the word, but propose applying it differently.

Wretchard is linking someone whom he sees as by far his superior in terms of experience, access to information and probably analytical ability. Most uf us can do this any time, but when he does, it is worthy of note.

Posted by triticale at October 3, 2004 11:18 AM

Ack! Thanks for the link, you've caught me feeling a bit slack myself, lately. Must find something monkey-related to link to, to be worthy!

Posted by: Ed Flinn at October 4, 2004 11:25 AM
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