October 13, 2004

Well, Do I?

Roger L. Simon and his commenters have dissected the frequently asked question "Do you feel safer than you did four years ago?" Not just intelligent answers, but intelligent discussion of how the question should be framed and of whether we are in fact better off feeling less safe.

As for myself, my personal safety, I definitelly feel safer than I used to, and I think I have good reason. Where I live is what is called "not the best neighborhood" and, altho it has gotten better in the time we lived here, there are still some sketchy characters around. Thing is that now, if I go for a walk after dark, I am not alone. I am accompanied by a canine who, altho everyone says she is pretty and she got a smiley face on her worksheet at obedience class today, scares the sketchy characters and absolutely loves me. Besides, the breakup of terrorist infrastructure and confrontation overseas with its minions reduces the probability of further terror incidents within our boundaries.

Posted by triticale at October 13, 2004 11:47 PM
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