November 02, 2004

Early Returns

In the sense that at 7:15 this morning one of my neighbors had to run home and then return to the polling place with documentation that his new home was no longer a 2 family residence (rezoned 8 years and two owners ago), and that only he and his partner, and none of the others listed, actually lived there. My wee wifey took advantage of this to raise the awareness of some of the East Side types new in the neighborhood as to what really goes on. One sweet young thing's eyes bugged out when she heard about our ghosts getting "Thank you for voting" postcards.

Also note that things were a total clusterstalk. The front gate was padlocked, so people had to go around thru the parking lot. The delay was trivial, but they were not ready at Oh Seven Hundred. The election judges were getting on the job training, and by the time they got to ballot 19 (mine) the tabulation was already crossed up.

Posted by triticale at November 2, 2004 08:27 AM
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