November 28, 2004


David Kaspar's Medienkritik provides "politically incorrect observations on reporting in the German media", particularly regarding coverage of issues concerning the United States. Reading his selected excerpts, his observations on them and the comments they engender, I see that people of both countries have less than complete understanding of one another.

I recently followed a link encountered on a model railroad mailing list to the website of a German company which produces figures scaled for use with garden railroads. Most are appropriate for use with European prototype railroads, such as the standard line from LGB, but could be adapted for use on a U.S. one with paint and a file. Some are, ummm, less appropriate, ranging from a man standing to pinkle on a convenient wall to Santa and an angel in lewd embrace. What I found worthy of mention is the three figures they offer for the United States. A locomotive engineer and fireman in American railroad garb, and a man with a gun.

Posted by triticale at November 28, 2004 08:14 AM
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