December 24, 2004


It's been a while, but I finally have some new images of our canine, which just happen to be ready for posting on petblogging day. I spent a long time shopping for a digital camera which would do what I wanted, before determining that it made more sense to use 35 millimeter a while longer. So I dug out my thrift store Pentax and had at it.

She's almost a year old now, and about as big as she's going to get. She'll probably add some more muscle to her current fifty pounds She absolutely loves the snow and the cold weather, wanting to run and play as soon as she gets outside. These two show her after she settled down. Once I've got the hang of the f/stops and the viewfinder I'll post some action pictures. The ones I took in this session didn't really come out. I also hope to get some cat pictures, but I expect that I'll be needing strobe for that. Could be as soon as next Friday.



Posted by triticale at December 24, 2004 08:28 PM
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