January 16, 2005

Naming Things

I was reviewing my referral log and saw that I had a hit off a sitemeter page I didn't recognise. It turned out to simply have a different name on it than that of the familiar blog, but another sitemeter link caught my eye, and led me to an old post about naming houses. We've never named our houses. We simply distinguish them by referencing the name of the street on which they are located. The one we are in the process of moving to is on a corner lot, and has a seperate address for the upstairs apartment, but we do not refer to the place as "Thirtieth".

Shortly thereafter I was checking some of the blogs I read regularly, and came upon James Rummel's post about naming weapons. He writes about a high regard for an inanimate tool pretty much shared by those who depend upon them. This is not true only of weapons; musicians feel the same way about their instruments. Sometimes they too give them names, like B.B. King with Lucille and George Harrison with Gently.

When I was discussing all this with my wee wifey she reminded me that she had at one time given a name to a fur coat. The thing is that the fur was beaver and the name was "Wally" so all this meant was that she has been living with me too long.

Posted by triticale at January 16, 2005 06:53 PM
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