January 27, 2005


I stop by one of my less regular reads, a blog named after an railway operation walking distance from my home, and after reading and thinking about his post about the economics of school choice, I went over to his blogroll.

I am astonished that I had never noticed No Oil For Pacifists before. He doesn't play Whack-A-Mole but he hits an interesting range of nails on the head. His first post of what is to be a series on poverty gives the numbers, and the sources and significance of the numbers, for several points on which I have only given generalities and personal examples.

By the way, I was reminded recently of how many ways the general populace is living better today. I was going thru a coffee table book of exotic automobiles, and happened upon a spread depicting the Jensen FF, the four-wheel-drive version of their Interceptor performance sedan. In 1970, when my father bought a BMW 2002 (equivalent to the current 3 series) for $3500, Jensen offered the first anti-lock brakes, as an option adding $5000 to the price of the car. Cars may cost more now, but anti-lock brakes certainly don't.

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