March 21, 2005

Mother Was Right

My parents were "non-aligned Marxists" which means they drifted away from the Communist Party when its ties to the Soviet government became an embarrasment. The true name I'm not using includes a disguised (they were that paranoid) reference to a family friend who was a hero at the Battle of Jarama during the Spanish Civil War. They never bothered actively trying to indoctrinate me, probably because they took it for granted I would absorb the True Faith. One thing I did pick up on was my mother's utter disdain for the Trotskyites, who believed that as a mere handful, they would be sufficient to Bring The Revolution.

Scroll down thru this collection of images from the recent anti-everything demonstration. Note the sign reading "Break with the Democrats. - Party of Racism & War! For a workers party that fights for socialist revolution". The Spartacist League is a splinter faction which split from the mainstream Trotskyites for betraying the true spirit of revolution. I share my mother's disdain.

Posted by triticale at March 21, 2005 10:02 AM
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