March 25, 2005

just simply Audie Murphy stuff

BlackFive had the Whole Thing, and the word was out that it was to be read. It reached Castle Argghhh! thru different channels, such that John wasn't in a position to post it as soon. When he was, he gave us more, adding a commentary which I suspect is a taste of what he is doing for the Army.

Once you've gotten it text mode, you will get more out of the videos, including some from the other side.


Okay, I've figured out where my take on this comes from. I've worked in various industries, in production, distribution, front-line support, and other aspects. The only incoming fire I've taken came from customers and various layers of coworkers. I can barely comprehend the intensity of getting things done in combat, but I have seen why professionals talk logistics, and I have seen how confidence, cross-training, and, yes, standardized loadouts, make everything more doable.

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