March 31, 2005

Who Me?

My stepmother-in-law took in a cat when one of her underlings moved to unpetfriendly quarters. Her own cats were too territorial, and her townhouse to small, for him to fit in, so he wound up here in our household. We would not have been likely to have named him Sebastian, especially now that we have a neighbor with a young son by that name, but he responds to it, so we really shouldn't rename him something such as Poojer.

Altho he recognizes his name, he always has this look of surprise on his face. I got pictures of all five of our cats in this first experimental roll, but only the one with insufficient light came out well enough to post without color correction. I'll stop down a way on the next roll and introduce the rest of the crowd.


Posted by triticale at March 31, 2005 09:03 PM

Sebastian is an absolutely gorgeous and regal cat.

When addressed, a Gentleman Cat does not move a muscle. He looks as if he hasn't heard. -
May Sarton

Posted by: srp at April 3, 2005 07:53 PM
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