July 04, 2005

Web Footed Friends

My mother-in-law took umbrage by the truckload. She was convinced that I was singing an insult to flat footed friends, as others had done when she had served as a WAC (but not a duck). I meant no insult to her (on that occasion), I meant no insult to Sousa, altho I was having fun with one of his greatest compositions, and I certainly meant no insult to the flag of the free.

It has been reported that John Phillip Sousa would have preferred to write dance music, and wrote marches because they sold so well. I myself have thought it would be fun to render The Stars And Stripes Forever as a dance mix or as rock 'n roll but my experiments in changing the instruments in the MIDI arrangement I found were for naught. Here, however is a MIDI arrangement, posted in honor of the Fourth, which turned out quite well.

Dean Esmay has also posted a version today, this one an MP3 of a live performance by a youth orchestra. I think you will get as much enjoyment from as the audience obviously did. Another interesting version is linked in the comments. I already had yet another arrangement in my collection, found a couple of months ago courtesy of Lynn in d minor.

Let despots remember the day!

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