July 20, 2005

We're Waiting

I was on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison today, doing pre-rollout testing of a high-speed cellular Internet service. The connection worked, at both of today's sites, but I will have to go back because the computer which stores the forty megabyte test file I needed to download was down. It's been over thirty years since I spent this much time on the campus of a major state university, and it would appear that other than an increased presence of tattoos, nothing has changed.

I saw most of the bumper stickers which I expected, and a few I hadn't seen before. The most noteworthy one was on - hoodathunk - a VW Microbus. It read "Kerry or Canada, eh?" You know what, buster? By now you could have finished whatever you were doing here, relocated, and moved halfway up the waiting list for whatever health care you need.

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