July 31, 2005

Endo Von Eerhah

There has been much hooraw around Milwaukee regarding the demise of the National Liquor Bar. It has been suggested that the closure is the result of a taking on the order of Kelo, altho my understanding is that the owner has been trying to cash out for some time.

The place was a dive. Such a dive that my son, an aficianado of dives, stopped drinking there as soon as he reached legal drinking age. In recent years, the chase lights in the sign which has been part of the landmark status have been turned off, apparently because there wasn't funding to replace the burnt out bulbs.

The Walgreens which is to be built at the location will be a net benefit to the community, replacing a ratty little one in a nearby strip mall. That mall is sufficiently busy that I expect to see some other business take over that space.

I had originally contemplated titling this post "Another One Bites The Dust", which would actually be more suited to one linking this clarification.

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