September 15, 2005


LBJ was still president when I learned the consequences of causing carbonated beverages to exit via the nasel passages due to ill-timed laughter. I was most of the way thru an attempt to guzzle ten ounces of sarsasparilla in one swallow when mine host entered the kitchen and reminded me "Don't laugh." Of course I did.

I have no pity for people who complain that a blog post or comment caused them to SNORK. That is, BTW, an acronym. Soda Nasal Overflow Reaches Keyboard. I have been on line via local RCP/Ms, BBSs and then ISPs only just long enough not to have had to set my phone handset down onto the modem. I understood instantly that was not a medium to be enjoyed simultaneously with food and beverage. I have no pity for those who suffer as a result of doing so. This guy doesn't, either.

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