October 03, 2005


The well-read Red concurrs with the Overhearder that this gets funnier every time they read it. I see different humor in it than they do, and there are two reasons for this.

First of all, I live around "ghetto girls" like that. My wee wifey works with them. They routinely talk like that and shit. I was in JJ's Subs at 35th and Wells one day, and a pair of such aforementioned individuals came in also. The first one told the counterman, via the buzzy intercom set in the thick plexi shield, that she wanted a beef sandwich. "You want the meal?" "Yeah, gimme a beef sandwich, fries and shit." Her associate saw the situation-specific humor in this, and we shared a laugh over it. When the scatalogical menu selection was repeated a little later, I pointed out that it was in fact gooood shit, which really caused the second girl to crack up. The first girl seemed totally oblivious to this.

Aside from having already had my laugh over this shit, I am also thrilled that these girls have some inkling of what trigonometry is about. I like to think that had my high school trig teacher had such an inkling I might not have flunked out of engineering school.

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