October 25, 2005

Quote For The Day

Bauer never blamed the railroad for his father's misfortunes and the family's poverty. He figured it was his father's fault. His father and Karl Marx.

In Bauer's eyes, Marx's social theories had victimized his father far more than the railroad ever did. Karl Marx invited his father to hide from himself and from the reality around him. It was Marx who fed him the excuses he needed to explain away his miserable lot in life and to justify his not making any effort to improve it. It was all somebody else's fault—the fault of the government, the fault of the system, the fault of the ruling classes. His father was a sucker, he decided. He had let others control his life.

From Seven Days To Petrograd, by Tom Hyman. It isn't quite a thriller; we know Bauer is going to survive but his mission, to kill Lenin aboard the sealed German railway car, is going to fail, but still a thoughtful and exciting novel.

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