January 20, 2006

Simple Solution

My first thought as to Wal-Mart's response to the Maryland bill of attainder was that they should close a sufficient number of stores, and lay off a sufficient number of employees, as to bring their workforce below the number specified in the law. It has, however, come to my attention that Wisconsin's Governor Doyle is contemplating a similar measure. The gambling syndicates wouldn't care about this, so he is no doubt doing it for the teachers' union. Not only would it punish Wal-Mart for not enriching union bosses with their payroll, but it could be a payoff to the healthcare providers which entered into a non-compete agreement with the unions own insurance outfit.

I do not want to lose any of the multiple Wal-Marts and Sams Clubs in my area. They serve different demographics and thus stock different merchandise. I also do not want to lose the Big Lots and Dollar Trees which spring up around Wal-Mart (altho I could do without the Always 99ยข). What Wal-Mart needs to do is set up their own health benefits corporation. Maryland has already set a profitable rate for them. They could purchase reinsurance on a massive scale and their only cost would be administration. To add insult to injury, this seperate corporation could be closely held by the members of the Walton family, who could then pocket all the profits.

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