March 24, 2006

I Warned You

Sometime back, a young woman at the place I was working expressed the opinion that we would all be better off if there were absolutely no guns around. I asked her if she was willing to accept the level of police state necessary to achieve this. She raised her eyebrows but said she was. I pointed out that they wouldn't only kick in my door to seize my guns, they'd also kick in hers. "But I would never have any guns in my house!" "They don't know that. Maybe you are smarter than me and never admitted it." Even tho this was too much for her to handle, I added "When they kick in my door, they wouldn't only take my guns, they'd also have to take my drill press." Rather than deal with the significance of this, she drifted off into another conversation.

As of now it appears to be an isolated incident, but the door kickers have seized perfectly legal metal working equipment from someone who dared to use it to make a perfectly legal firearm.

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