September 09, 2006

Humpin' To Please

My Alderman is Smiling Bob Bauman. It could have been worse. Vince Robot also ran for the office (altho that would at least have protected Milwaukee from the risk of having him as sheriff). Given Bob's support for light rail (if not the even stupider Circulator) I am not surprised that he takes pride in being responsible for the hazards recently installed in the pavement of McKinley Boulevard. I received a letter from him asking for feedback on the project.

My opinion of the so-called "speed humps" which are actually unpleasant to drive over at 15 mph? Thank goodness they didn't go in until after I moved off McKinley. I've adjusted my routes so that I can avoid them at all times, and this includes more driving thru alleys. The rare incident of someone driving moderately quickly down the street was less of a problem, and could have been dealt with by effective law enforcement.

You say you are worried about your kid getting run over? I dealt with that concern by taking Emrack for a ride in the country and stopping by the side of the road to point out roadkill racoons, particularly three day old gas-bloated ones buzzing with flies. "This is what happens if you play in the street."

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