September 16, 2006

Pizzadillas, Elvis Burritos and S'moretillas

The standard quick bite around here for the last few weeks has been something which the wee wifey developed, to which I have given the name pizzadilla. We used to create complete homemade pizzas, and more recently we've enhanced frozen pizzas with sliced olives and onion and extra cheese, but with our lax eating style (we almost never have meals at home) these result in considerable leftover. Instead we take

1 pound Italian sausage meat OR 1 pound hamburger + 3 TBSP Italian sausage seasoning
2 green peppers diced
3 onions diced
3 garlic cloves minced

and brown and saute everything together. The advantage of the seasoned ground beef is that it breaks up much finer than the bulk sausage. Drain agressively; she dumps it all in the colander and squish squish squishes the grease out. This gets stored in the fridge, and when we get hungry we take

flour tortillas
bottled spaghetti sauce
above-listed meat mixture
mozarella cheese

combined in the above order, flashed for one minute, folded over and allowed to cool till the cheese isn't a hazard to the roof of the mouth.

She had this in mind when a sandwich from her own childhood, from her father's side (they've been American for over 300 years), showed up on one of her recipe mailing lists. The combination is commonly associated with Elvis Presley, who went too far by having it fried, but it wasn't unique to him.

flour tortillas
marshmallow fluff
peanut butter
sliced banana

One banana should be enough for three or four mini-burritos
Fold ends over and eat.

This in turn led her to try adapting a recipe from her decades as a Girl Scout leader.

whole wheat tortillas
peanut butter
mini marshmallows
mini chocolate chips

Microwave for one minute. Fold ends over and eat.

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