September 23, 2006

Mortgage Matters

One of the great strengths of the blogosphere is that we are not professional journalists. As a result one or another of us is going to be a professional in any field to become a subject of discussion. In the case of the recent allegation that mortgage approval decisions were being influenced by consideration of race, Casper is able to present an informed rebuttal. Similar charges have been raised before. Some years back Mazda's auto loan policies were called into question, and they were able to document that the difference in car loan interest rates paid by minority buyers which couldn't be explained by credit scores could be explained by relative negotioating skill. Those who are concerned about people's ability to get affordable credit would do better to educate would-be borrowers rather than criticize lenders.

My real purpose in posting about credit was something else entirely. I recently received a mortgage company's advertising video from the one person who persists in forwarding everything which hits his inbox to me. I want to share it, and had no trouble finding it at Youtube.

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