November 08, 2006

Queue E D?

Clint has an interesting explanation of why exit polls persistantly lean to the left of the final results. Like him, I voted first thing in the morning because I had to get to work, and like him, I didn't see any exit pollers. Altho I suspect he is right that there are shifts in voting across the course of the day, not everyone who votes when the polls open votes as a conservative. The neighbor who voted just before me is employed, but feeds at the public trough. She's the one I've mentioned who kept her Kucinich yard sign up into the spring of 2005. Showing up early enough to interview her would not shift the exit poll in the same direction as showing up early enough to interview me. The same is most likely true of the young gentleman who was registering to vote at that time. It is no secret that he would have done so with marriage in mind.

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