December 24, 2006

Google Bait

A commenter to a post of Owen's asserted that "Any news story involving lesbians is interesting." So I figured I'd check on the latest happenings on the Greek island of Lesbos in hopes there would be some high temperature activities taking place.

It turns out that Greece has a problem with illegal immigration, and that the island that we are vaguely aware of only because of the presumed lifestyle of one person who lived there in the 7th century BC is an entry point and site of a detention center. Given the attention given to illegal immigrants in the US, and to the island detention center operated by the US, you would think we'd have heard more about the Greek island detention centers for illegal immigrants, where facilities were in a poor state of repair, unhygienic and lacking in basic amenities, and physical abuse and, in some cases, behavior which could be considered torture have been used against detainees. I would bet that the behavior which could be considered torture is more on the order of waterboarding or sleep deprivation than of getting some female guard's frilly unmentionables stuck on your head.

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You are too funny! You remind me of the guys I hung with in high school. I loved high school and I loved them. I imagine your voice to have a mock scholarliness as you explain about global warming & tits or lesbians & Lesbos. Lucky for my that Sr. Corita or Sr. Teresa Dunn isn't going to catch me cracking up in study hall over this stuff.

Posted by: Maggie at December 31, 2006 08:38 AM