January 09, 2007

And The Snows Were Deeper

Tam noticed with concern recently that she only has 87 gigabites of free space left on her hard drive. This has generated a comment thread in which people report on the capacity of their first drive, or of having used 5-1/4 inch floppies, or 8 inch floppies, or cassette tape, or paper punch tape...

My first computer game was an electical logic puzzle. It was a chunk of 2 X 4 with some double throw knife switches (like the ones in Frankenstein's lab, only smaller) and a light socket, wired in such a way that it modeled the problem of the fox, the goose and the grain. Later, I upgraded to a system called the Brainiac. This was a perforated masonite board, with six perforated masonite disks. By arranging contacts and wires on the board and disks, many such puzzles could be "programmed".

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You know, first computers occupied the entire room!

Posted by: Bianka at January 12, 2007 11:11 AM
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