September 18, 2007

Suggested Readings

My older sister claims to be so out of touch with modern technology as to think that global positioning means adjusting her bra straps, but in fact she is computer functional enough to carry on an email correspondence with me. She is, however, a fluffy-bunny leftie, so I refrained from correcting her that global positioning in fact means that Atlas shrugged.

One of the topics on which we correspond is the books we are reading. Again I care more about family affection than raising her consciousness, so I forego explaining to her why I am reading the Victory short story collection edited by Stephen Coonts, Applied Plastic Design in Steel by Robert O. Disque, and several hawkish books published shortly before the US entered World War II. Instead, I simply suggested the following books, which I believe my readers will also find of value:

Chicken Soup for the Vegetarian Soul
Artificial Intelligence for Dummies
Seven Habits of Highly Impulsive People

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