July 03, 2005

Veteran Bitches

Glittering Dave took his dog to a breed-specific event a couple of weeks ago at which she was judged to be the best veteran bitch present. They define veteran bitches as female dogs age 7 or more. I would claim that my son's canine is a veteran bitch even tho she is not much over one year old, based on the more conventional definition. She has more combat experience than the average seven year old dog. This is not because she is aggressive or because Emrack encourages her to fight. In the encampments where they are spending much of their time there are other animals who either do not have her acceptance of relative status or who attempt to steal her food. When this happens she instinctively grabs them by the throat, promptly restoring order.

Hunter and Emrack passed thru Milwaukee recently, and I managed to capture some images of her. A couple of them came out well enough to share. This first one came out blurred, and probably would have done so even had I used fast film rather than a digital camera. When she sees me for the first time in a while she gets so excited that her tailwagging shakes her whole body. We call this her buttwaggle dance. The second one however shows that she is capable of being totally laid back, and in fact much of the time she is.

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All I read were the first two words, "Glittering Dave" and for some reason it registered "Diamond Dave" and I couldn't get Van Halen songs out of my head.

...and the thought of David Lee Roth calling himself a "veteran bitch"


Posted by: kyer at July 5, 2005 08:49 AM
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