November 15, 2005

Cult Of The Non-Victim

Whilst trying to keep up with the output of my fellow Munuvians, I happened upon Mark Nicodemo's link to a report on 2005's top victim stories. Mark asks, rhetorically, "Wouldn't you like to be a victim too?" There are those for whom it is essential to their ideology and objectives that we in fact accept that invitation.

This is why the gun-banners are the same people who raise the bogeys of racism and sexism and economic inequality. I have long referred to the anti-gun crowd as the victim-disarmament movement, and now it occurs to me that this is exactly their purpose. The woman I married could have been a victim of the White Male hegemony, as manifested by a drunken neighbor kicking in the door of her apartment, but she chose not to and capped off a couple rounds in his direction. In choosing not to be a victim she was rejecting their entire package, and this is why possesing the means of self defense is is a right they seek to deny us.

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