December 11, 2005

Plenty Of Buffalo Chips

The Speculist does a regular featre, called Better All The Time, which is a collection of good news, plenty of which can be found amongst the leading edge technologies which are the blog's focus. This week they tried something different, and used the Google and Yahoo news search tools to look for the phrase "good news". Outside of the realm of sports, where our good news is inevitably your bad news, they found that the traditional media don't focus on good news. Whether this is rooted in a political agenda, as I've suggested in recent posts, or just that "if it bleeds it leads", it is wise to include this grain of salt when taking the news.

Posted by triticale at December 11, 2005 07:08 PM | TrackBack

And it's too bad that more good news isn't featured -- there is certainly a market out there....

Posted by: Richmond at December 16, 2005 05:24 AM
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