April 12, 2006

Old Hippies

On the MSN page I have to go thru to check my triticale hotmail, and noticed a link about "aging gratefully". What came to my mind of course was silvertip dancing bears and the ease of munching veggie burritos while wearing dentures. Instead it turns out that the phrase shows up in the title of a new book about making the most of the aging process. Mmmm, OK.

Speaking of old hippies, I'm coming up on the big Five Oh. Not the birthday, it passed a few years ago without much attention to the zero involved. I'm a day or so away from 50,000 visits as counted by Sitemeter. If that pretty number results from a blog link, I'll link back; if it comes from a search engine I'll toss out more googlebait.


I reckon this fits the topic somehow.

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