May 16, 2006

The Opposite Of Burnout

If you deconstruct the word burnout, the logical opposite word is chillin. I haven't burned out; I never ran that hot. I haven't been chillin' either. I've been trying to get the smaller house detailed and get us moved in before my new job started. I'd been working toward a cut off date of the 21st, but I found out today that the network I am to help verify and optimise isn't close to being implemented. I've got an extra week, which means I've got a little time to blog every now and then. I probably won't say anything important, but if I ping blogrolling often enough maybe that "last updated April 6th" will get reset.

I'm also in good shape for the recipe carnival. The last two weeks I've been wanting to optimise a recipe we'd happened upon, but I never had enough to do around a kitchen to want a 400 oven running. This week the theme is slow cooker recipes. Everybody has a good one (post yours, send the link to recipedotcarnival at gmaildotcom) and I've got a bunch. I bet the next one will be grill-oriented. That won't give me pause either.

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