June 24, 2006

Chicken Fried Rice

The cellular network I signed up to verify and optimize is finally up and running, six weeks after the start date originally discussed. Yesterday was our last weekday off together for rather a while so we went out for breakfast. The wee wifey ordered what she usually does when our fast breaks anywhere fancier than the Parkview; chicken fried steak. As we were dining I suddenly had an insight. This must be how that Chinese food I hear about, chicken fried rice, is made.

Cook the rice so it is sticky. Japanese sushi rice is ideal. Roll large spoonfuls of rice between the palms of your hands to form spheres. Dip the riceballs in buttermilk and then dredge thru a breading of finely crushed cornflakes with salt and pepper to taste.

Melt vegetable shortening in a cast iron skillet and heat to 350 degrees F. Fry the rice the way you would fry chicken, or steak.

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