June 26, 2006

Urban Legend

Verbose Jay has had a problem with the power for his net connection being unplugged by nice men working on the gutters or something. Until today I would have sworn that only happened to life support equipment in the ICU of some hospital in Jo'burg.

It so happens that I just started a new cellular contract. I'm working with a guy who started wireside back when Mother Bell owned everything. He told me about an ongoing service problem he worked wherein a company's phone system would die at 5 PM about once a week, taking out the alarm and anyone working late. Serviceman would come out the next morning and not find any trouble. Finally my cow-orker told his dispatcher he was taking a late lunch break in the telecom closet there. Sure enough, the guy from the cleaning crew came in and unplugged the PBX to plug in his vacuum cleaner. I told him it was an urban legend but he swears it's true.

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