July 10, 2006

Coded Language

Now that we are settled into a place where she doesn't need to climb stairs once she gets inside, the wee wifey has being preperation for the long-ignored knee replacement. During the preliminary visit, the nurse collecting her vitals asked whether she feels safe where she lives. The answer "Of course not" totally non-plussed the nurse even after herself pointed out that we "stay by" 27th and Vliet at the edge of da 'hood. After some back and forthing the nurse finally explained that this wasn't some sort of survey of the city but an opening for discussion of abusive relationships. The nurse would no doubt have been nonplussed again if she learned that I was told on my wedding night that the response to my first act of abuse would be delivered after I fell asleep, with a hammer, and nonplussed yet again to learn that I was mystified as to why this even needed to be mentioned.

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Mrs. Triticale sounds like my kind of lady... ;)

Posted by: Richmond at July 12, 2006 03:40 PM
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