August 27, 2006

Arms And Armor

The history of warfare can be discussed in terms of the relative development of arms and armor, and the effect each has on tactics (what the amateurs talk about) and on logistics (what the pros talk about). For a quick ballpark number, a horse needs five times as much food as a man. A knight in plate armor needs the full-time support of a non-combatant, his squire. It thus makes sense that something on the order of seven archers can be fielded for the logistic cost of one knight. The result was demonstrated at Crécy.

The modern U.S. military as addressed the issue of logistics to the point that fighters and vehicles can be fielded at any level of armor and armament (subject to availability). The debate now is the appropriate level of armor, with some suggesting one which would interfere with mission effectiveness. One has to wonder what effect this armor has on mobility, and what level of armament it protects against.

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At some point the return from the extra armour has to be less than the price you pay in mobility

I am picturing a dehorsed Knight being cracked open like a lobster by a guy in homespun padded armour lol

Nice post

Posted by: Chris at August 30, 2006 06:19 PM
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