December 03, 2006


In Dean's review of the latest James Bond flick (I belief that is the correct technical term) he suggested that anyone who hasn't seen any of them must have been living in a cave. When I commented that I must have been living in a cave without noticing it, he freaked.

Thing is, film just isn't my medium. I read fiction, lots of it. I even read most of the original Fleming Bond books when they came out; about the only time I did that with a mainstream bestseller. They didn't do much for me. I've seen almost no recent movies. The last two I saw at the theater first run were Jurassic Park (because the late Ms. Weasel asked me to accompany her) and Sixth Sense (because Emrack convinced his mother we should). Over the same period I've sat thru maybe half a dozen movies on video in their entirety, out of the hundreds the wee wifey has in her collection.

I don't watch television either. The last show I followed consistantly was The Man From U.N.C.L.E. back in the '60s. When Ms. Weasel first got cable I was excited to discover I could catch reruns. Much to my embarassment, the first episode featured a boy's choir assasination team and scenery suitable for a model railroad. I know other episodes were less awful, but I never tried again. The last TV broadcast of any sort I made a point to watch was the Dune mini-series. It sucked differently than the original film version, and again had some good points, but it certainly didn't lure me back.

I don't keep up with the music scene either, but at least what I listen to, ranging from Cujo to Kathy Mattea, isn't as troglodyte as my current driver, who hums along with Peter Frampton. I don't get to take part in some of the water cooler conversation (who shot J.R.? My theory was it was a hired hit-man) or the Galactica threads, but I get by.

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