May 17, 2007


A third batch of objects available to my Milwaukee readers, surplus to continuing operations. Except as noted any and all offers will be deemed reasonable, and except as noted, delivery is available for further pittance.

Extension Ladder - SOLD Werner D6128-2 Fiberglass. Maximum working length 25 feet. Also a pair of ladder leveler legs I wound up not needing to install. Significant delivery charge if I have to strap this to the roof of my Toyota.

Digital Piano: Roland HP-100 disassembled to clean the keyswitches (and I have all the pieces), which is an effective repair if you have the patience. Otherwise a functional MIDI output device.

Marquette Computer: One backplane and two sets of cards, including extender boards, 68000 based, missing some socketed chips.

Channelbind Press: Great way to present your documents if you have a source for the channels. Complete with cloth carrying case.


Just happened upon a discussion recommending one of the items in my first cruft list.

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