June 08, 2007

Slip Me Some Skimmed

One hand pointed to an article whose headline described cows as giving skimmed milk, and echoed the error oncorrected. Skimmed milk is necessarily milk from which the butterfat which gives milk its mouthfeel has been removed via a process called skimming. Even if the milk from the special cows were fat-free, it still wouldn't be skimmed. As a matter of fact, what we have is more surprising, as the milk still contains a fat, but it is one more in keeping with current notions of healthfulness. Genetic engineers would love to have come up with this, but if they had there would be a hue and cry demanding a ban on Frankenmilk. Since it is the result of a random mutation (or, if you will, an act by that Designer Who, on noting a sparrow fall, tweaked the sparrow genome to see if such falls could be prevented) the same milk from the same genetics will probably be welcomed.

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