June 09, 2007


After decades of getting by with rusty scavenged lessthanwebers, I finally bought a serious grill. Still charcoal fired of course. If I want to cook on a stove, I'll do it in the kitchen. With a side chamber which makes cold smoking easy, and grills made from cast iron instead of coat hanger wire, it is well suited to gourmet grilling, but I do burgers and sauseges a lot more often than I do herb-marinated spatchcocked game hens. Whatever I grill, I use chunk charcoal and not particle board briquets, and I light them in a chimney without a drop of petroleum distillates.

Our local Lena's Market had a special last week on burger patties. Five pounds, 24 patties, for $7.99. At that price, they obviously weren't grinding up sirloins or anguses, but I didn't care, because cheaper cuts of meat have at least as much flavor, and beef heart isn't tough once it's been ground.

As per the instructions on the box, I threw the patties on the grill without defrosting. Unlike the handpressed burgers I used to grill, they never fall apart this way. I immediately sprinkled bratwurst sausage seasoning on them from a salt shaker. After a few minutes, when the tops of the patties looked well defrosted, I flipped them over. This is vastly easier with the spatula-tong combo, which is another tool no griller should be without. At this point the former bottom showed barely cooked meat between the grillmarks. I administered another sprinkling of sausage seasoning, and let them cook about twice as long. The next time I flipped them, I took advantage of the gripflipper, and waved them over a plate. The less juices you get on the coals the fewer flareups you get. One last shake of bratwurst seasoning, and then I watched and flipped them as needed so they all cooked evenly whether over hot spots or not. They didn't taste exactly like bratwurst, but they sure tasted good.

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