August 05, 2007

You've Been Missing Out

I would guess that most of my local readers have driven past Baylor's Melon Shop at Capital and 2tonia many times without stopping. Fact is that you could probably do as well buying watermelons elsewhere. There's been a bumper crop this year and we've bought quite a few from various vendors, but they range from awesome to anemic.

The reason you need to stop at Baylor's is for the peanuts. They roast them right there, and once you get close the aroma is irresistible. If it reached the street the EPA would be on them for obstructing traffic. One Warning. Do not open the bag until you get home or you will make a mess of the car. These are very simply the best peanuts I've ever tasted. The texture is perfect - they crunch, turn chewy and melt away. all in three bites. The red skin is mild and delicate. Those boors who eat 'em shell and all will no doubt appreciate the quality of the shells too.

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