August 13, 2007

Tis A Rich Workman...

Robb has some sharp things to say about the people who show up at the shooting range with a fortune in tactical gear and shooting skills suitable for the broad side of a barn. This approach isn't unique to gun owners. I was reading just this weekend, on a sports car mailing list, about open track day at a road racing course. Fastest time of the day was logged by a hopped up Mazda Miata, followed by a standard Corvette and a Stalker. That third car can be built from my friend Dennis's kit for under 15 grand if you buy your components from the junkyard instead of a dealer. The drivers with the Ferraris and the Lotus Elises lacked either the skill or the aggressiveness to bring out their high dollar cars' potential.

The fixation on equipment isn't a new thing either. My father was a photographer and a writer, and 35-40 years ago people used to pester him to find out what camera and lens he'd used to take some particular picture. His standard answer was "I write my articles on a standard IBM typewriter, but I've got a line on some goose quills exactly like Shakespeare used to use. Just think what I'll be able to write with those."

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