October 02, 2007

I'm Too Urban

In an incident which has become all too common ever since rock salt in a shotgun has fallen from favor, high school students in Mukwonago Wisconsin defaced residential property by tossing rolls of toilet paper into trees and discarding furniture on lawns. This wouldn't even have been considered newsworthy except that a homeowner who had the audacity to object was injured, and an adult was found to be involved.

Talk radio host Jeff Wagner was discussing the incident, focusing on the role of the 34 year old man out committing criminal mischief with underage girls after their curfew. I was truly appalled that the mother of one of these girls called in, not the least bit chalant about her daughter's involvement and upset that the property owner would actually object to being vandalized.

It is my opinion that this mother and any other parents found to have foreknowledge of these acts should be required to carry out the clean up, in lieu of charges of child neglect. The high school students should each be required to prepare a research paper on the environmental impact of paper manufacture and a review of Eric Flint's 1634 alternate history series which shows that they read it attentively enough to understand the relevance. As for the adult driver, he needs to be investigated very carefully to determine the basis of his involvement with these young women.

Posted by triticale at October 2, 2007 02:04 PM | TrackBack

this is bullshit...you go anywhere in waukesha around homecoming time and i guarentee youll see toilet paper in the surrounding area of the school whose homecoming is that weekend. this guy had a son who graduated from mukwonago. its not exactly a secret that this goes on EVERY SINGLE YEAR around the EXACT SAME TIME. most law enforcements dont even bother because they know its in good fun...KM for example. those students toilet papered their own school and nothing came of it. what gives?

also, the guy thought they were robbing the house and came out in his boxers...not exactly the way most people would react to a socalled "robbery." plus, was he seriously that blind that he couldnt see there was nothing actually on the trailer. i think not. not to mention his "injuries" consisted of minor scrapes and discomfort...he wasnt even admitted to the hospital.

Posted by: christy at October 7, 2007 05:14 PM

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