April 28, 2004

Team Spirit

Now that the Fusileers have proven the strength of our positive approach to the fund drive, the focus has shifted from competition to the real goal of raising as much money as possible for Spirit of America. Accordingly, I am extending my offer of free Honorverse CDs, on the same Wisconsin-centric terms, to anyone donating under the Team Spirit banner thru any of the participating blogs. Home stretch, folks, we're pushing for a number we can all be proud of.


Team Spirit's Online Marketplace

Current Offers


How would you like to own a signed copy of this Day by Day© strip?

Click on the strip to go to the auction page. This is a serious
collectors item. Update: Chris has thrown in this extra for the winner - pick
ANY other single toon from the archive and he'll sign it too.

Cox & Forkum are auctioning off an awesome original artwork with some extra items.

The True Nature of Reality has the copy of the newspaper where the democratic party asked for Rumsfeld to be shot.

Chief Wiggles has offered to come to your area and lecture at the location of your choosing. The Chief is also offering a MINT condition Operation Iraqi

Sondra K is offering Limited Edition Campbell's soup cans, issued in celebration of the original Andy Warhol Tomato Soup print. She has also extended her official Baathist Party notecard auction!

Services And Big Ticket

Aspiring (or existing) authors - no matter who you are or what you write, you need careful editing and an honest evaluation. Gerard Van der Leun has an amazing auction offer for you: Professional editing. He's got over 30 years of industry experience, which you can enlist in finishing off your pet project. Go visit the American Digest and start bidding; realize your "Great American Novel".

Hugh Hewitt is offering you a guest segment on any topic you want (8 minutes) on his syndicated radio show!!!

She Who Will Be Obeyed - plane ticket


Citizen Smash is offering dinner dates in San Diego and DC. plus other items here.

Venomous Kate is offering you a 4-course gourmet dinner and a night of drinks on the Venomous Lanai.

Dorkafork is offering to come to you (if you are in Colorado) and fix you a fancy resturant quality shirmp dinner plus wine. He's also offering to design you a blog logo for $10.

Ken Wheaton is giving away invites to a barbecue at his house for $20 donors in the NYC Metro area. His barbecue is out of this world good, so you don't want to miss it.

Sean has Krispy Kreme's for you, now at an even lower price!!!

Marine Corps Mom has biscotti up for your consideration.

Bloggers At Your Service

It's Ask a Blogger Monday! - You ask, Michele answers. I'll be matching her dollar for dollar, and should a question be addressed to me, I'll answer it there as well. At last count there are 3 of us matching Michele's dollar per answer. If you'd like to help, ask a question or even better offer to match the $1 per answer donation! See all of her answers here.

Sean will wax poetic about Dems or dishonor his love for the Packers by donning Bears, Viking, or Lions gear.

Meryl Yourish is taking a page from Michele's book and offering answers for dollars.

Laurence Simon is offering dollars for cats (actually pictures/post for Carnival of the Cats).

Michele's challenge for lefties, Red Sox fans, and *gasp* Mets fans. Here is a link to all of her payoff posts.

Jim is auctioning a short story for the cause! Update: This one is closed; new offer succeeds it. See comment below.

The Pudgy Pundit will make a contribution for every trackback to his post

Aaron is going to pieces trying to raise money!

e-Claire is still working her two auctions - slogan contest and photos!

Ilyka Damen is auctioning off poetry, interviews, card reading and $5 "you call its."

Mr. E. Poet will regale you with a special poem dedicated to you.


Matt's amazing blog giveaway.

The Bartender at Madfish Willies is offering a blog remodel.

Pambie is offering a custom graphic to the highest bidder.

Clothes And No Clothes

Step in to the Wizbang celebrity porn closet, I've got boobies for you!

Da Goddess still has her lingerie/t-shirt offer going, and is also trying to dig into the minds of the Fusileers!

Raging Dave will create your own, personalized gun belt from scratch.

Val Prieto will blog for you while dressed like a girl for every $30 donation, he'll wear makeup with that for every $40 donation and if you donate $200, he will shave HIS legs and post the entire agonizing process.

Music And Other Items

Jim is offering a smoking hot remix offer.

Dizzy Girl will provide those that donate personalized audio messages.

TacJammer is offering up a Cluebat! A Castle Argghhh! Cluebat, direct from the Imperial Armory's woodshop and the Armorer's Carpenter! TacJammer is accepting bids as you read!

Look for this symbol for exclusive offers from Team Spirit, where Quantity Is Job #1

Team Spirit's Online Marketplace >

via Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!

via Victory Coalition!

via Liberty Alliance!

Posted by triticale at April 28, 2004 06:58 PM

My short story auction is over but I've got a new offer for free ad space. Other bloggers are welcome to contribute a Blogad slot as well (and have started doing so - Yay!). The offer is here: http://www.snoozebuttondreams.com/archives/026648.html

Posted by: Jim at April 29, 2004 08:52 AM

hmmm, that made me think (plenty of food for thought there).

Posted by: Barbecue Grills Online at September 12, 2004 02:16 PM
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