May 29, 2004

Canid Camera

Further pictures of our canine are awaiting either the aquisition of a faster-scanning digital camera, or connecting with Emrack this weekend while he is in town and has Hunter out in the sunlight. Here in the house she is usually moving too quickly to capture in a good pose. One picture actually suffers pixelation in lieu of blur.

Yesterday morning I actually wanted to camcord her, as she ran laps in our bedroom. She would jump up on the bed, do a bunny binky, run across and jump of the other side, and then run back around to where she jumped on, skittering on the hardwood floor. Eight times.

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San Francisco is famous for its steep hills and fresh food, so it may come as no surprise that it wins the honor as the fittest city in the United States, according to a new report.

San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area narrowly edged out Seattle in the first American Fitness Index released last week by the American College of Sports Medicine and the WellPoint Foundation.

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